Monday, September 27, 2010

New Client, In These Times

Cover illustration for new client. "In These Times" is a political magazine for progressive folks and actually, one I check in on quite often. (If you're a lefty like me, I suggest you do the same) Anyway I was given the honor of the November issue cover based on a story on unenthusiastic democrats "saving their ass". Naturally we went with a donkey and after a few thoughts, settled on a straight ahead, unenthusiastic ass not putting on much of a political show. Thanks to Rachel Jefferson for supporting my ass... It's very fun to say ass a bunch of times and still be professional by the way.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

This is you. No, this is you



I am pleased to announce a ridiculous collaboration between myself and ancient foe/best pal, Andrew Degraff.
Not only is he an stellar artist/illustrator but Drew is also a jerk like me. We have long been friendly rivals and like to beat each other up through drawin'. "This is you" was the most common insult our powerful minds could muster and is thus the title for our dumbness project. Please visit and enjoy. All of these works will eventually be shown at an exhibition in Spring 2011. The Asthmatic Gofer will not be for sale... I called dibbs like way long ago.