Friday, July 16, 2010


Well, that's it. No more world cup to talk about with people that don't care what I'm talking about.

Oh Vuvuzela, how I shall miss your sound of a thousand bees operating palm-sanders.

There's something about big foreheads and baldness...

...that facilitates sweet goals! Think about it. Donovan and Bradley get a few for the US, Iniesta puts the whammy on the Dutch in super late extra time and in the last world-cup, Zidan headbutted that dude in the chest! While that last one was not technically a goal, it was still awesome.

As for the final itself, I thought for a moment that it would all end in penalties, which is always dumb. But thankfully we were sparred by a very pale, bald man. We watched the game at home and had an excellent Skype party with My wife's sister and Spanish brother-in-law back in London. Their house was full of Spanish pals, a few Dutch neighbors and of course my Niece and Nephew. It made for a rowdy good time even if our house was nearly empty and quiet for nap time. I wish we could have been there with them when they won but this was the next best thing.

Monday, July 12, 2010

What up, Slick!

New piece for Delaware Today magazine about a hypothetical oil spill off the coast of... well Delaware. Kelly Carter, super AD asked for less graphic imagery than the shock-horror of the oil-soaked birds and dead turtles we been seeing a lot of lately. So I went for a calm, natural-history type image of the State's famous Horseshoe Crab and the shine of the oil on the water.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Donde esta la Meta!?

So far, so bad for "El Nino". Spain's super foot/heart-throb Torres has yet to score in this Cup. Lets see how he does in the next match... just a few hours away. As I am now a Spanish fan by default I'm hoping he breaks the streak.

Those familiar with our Spanish friend here will remember his wacky, ultra Euro style, teenage superstar blond hair-do. I think his problem scoring is a direct result of his returning to his natural, un-dyed state and a relatively average cut. Yes it is still sticky-upy but sometimes, thats just not enough!

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Georgia on my Mind

I'm am in the midst of a problem... An old friend of mine if getting married in Georgia this August and it is not within the family budget for us, or even me to fly. So that leaves driving right? Well, the long haul does not appeal to the gals and I cant say that I blame them. So I'll just blast down, catch up, enjoy the company of a crew of people I dearly miss and return to the Troy-let. Hmmm... We only have one car and I cant leave my gals vehic-less while I'm whooping it up with my old pals on the beach. No dough for plain ticket, no dough for second car right? Wrong! Here's the plan...

I'm looking for a rich benefactor who is willing to trade a painting or other art sundries for a fully restored, Turbo charged 1974 Toyota Corolla with deep dish wheels, fender flares and a two inch drop on the suspension. Speed, style, fuel economy... it's all there. It's fool proof!

I'll be awaiting your offers.