Thursday, July 01, 2010

Georgia on my Mind

I'm am in the midst of a problem... An old friend of mine if getting married in Georgia this August and it is not within the family budget for us, or even me to fly. So that leaves driving right? Well, the long haul does not appeal to the gals and I cant say that I blame them. So I'll just blast down, catch up, enjoy the company of a crew of people I dearly miss and return to the Troy-let. Hmmm... We only have one car and I cant leave my gals vehic-less while I'm whooping it up with my old pals on the beach. No dough for plain ticket, no dough for second car right? Wrong! Here's the plan...

I'm looking for a rich benefactor who is willing to trade a painting or other art sundries for a fully restored, Turbo charged 1974 Toyota Corolla with deep dish wheels, fender flares and a two inch drop on the suspension. Speed, style, fuel economy... it's all there. It's fool proof!

I'll be awaiting your offers.

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