Friday, July 16, 2010

There's something about big foreheads and baldness...

...that facilitates sweet goals! Think about it. Donovan and Bradley get a few for the US, Iniesta puts the whammy on the Dutch in super late extra time and in the last world-cup, Zidan headbutted that dude in the chest! While that last one was not technically a goal, it was still awesome.

As for the final itself, I thought for a moment that it would all end in penalties, which is always dumb. But thankfully we were sparred by a very pale, bald man. We watched the game at home and had an excellent Skype party with My wife's sister and Spanish brother-in-law back in London. Their house was full of Spanish pals, a few Dutch neighbors and of course my Niece and Nephew. It made for a rowdy good time even if our house was nearly empty and quiet for nap time. I wish we could have been there with them when they won but this was the next best thing.

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