Thursday, February 17, 2011

you've been a bold boy

New piece for Mitch Hoffman at City Hall magazine. Apparently, NYC Mayor Micheal Bloomberg has been annoying the Department of Education by wanting to spend their money on other things. Now stay here at the blackboard until you've learned your lesson young man!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

"History of the World" ... rest of the cars

A few posts back I mentioned a series of drawings about my projected mid-life crisis for an upcoming exhibition. Basically, I plan on driving to Stewart's in my classic Japanese car and sitting down in the little booth and stuffing my face with awesomeness. I would love it if you joined me.

New piece...

...For my old pal Kerry Wakefeild over at Waitrose Kitchen in the UK. It was for a feature called "Food Fight" where two people in the know argue whether or not dinner parties are fun or indeed, lame. The Lady on the end, famous cook Rosemary Shrager say "Fun!", the fellow in the Pink shirt, Waitrose editor Will Sitwell say "bah-humbug!" Its was a full, double page spread, hence the funny empty area below the figures for the type.

She had seen the colored pencil drawing I did of my daughter and wanted to work some of that into the piece. It was a nice change from working solely with digital color although it did present some of its own challenges. Kinks that will need to be worked out for the next time...