Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hello Again!! Jobs please...

Yes, it has been nearly THREE YEARS since I posted something on this thing. Though not without good reason... Here is my list of excuses with photo documented evidence.

1. Bought a dog... not much of an excuse I know but roll with it.
2. Make large and very difficult decision to move from London, UK to Troy, NY with new dog and now pregnant wife. Obviously I wasn't going to go by myself! Upon arriving in hometown, we buy our first home... which requires much work and time.
3. A whopping seven days after moving in, the awesomest human on earth is born! As you can imagine, that was quite an event. She also requires much work and time but quite frankly, why would you waste your time doing anything else.

Two years progress with zero time for illustration or promotion. I take what jobs land in my lap and steep in my new daddy-bliss. I spend any free time I have swearing at the house, which is more enjoyable than it sounds.

Now however, the swing has truly been gotten into and I am back into Illustration with a animal ferocity matched only by my tiny, weird dog! I'll post monthly from now on unless I don't. Next post will be the Illustrative highlights of the last few years.


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