Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Another New Client... Bloomsberg Businessweek

New illo for a new client... Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine feature on Alloy Media and their grip on the teenage market. I have to admit, I was very pumped to get this as I am in fact a secret Gossip Girl fan. XOXO

Apparently, Alloy is moving into "webisodes" which you can watch on something called an "Ipad". Sounds a little new-fangled to me but the AD, Rob Vargas assures me these are real things that the kids are down with. At least he let me draw the text in instead of using one of them photo-chops. I also used to rough to get a shot in at Drew over at "this is you"... http://thisisyounothisisyou.blogspot.com


Brian Taylor Illustration said...

Whoa. That's great, man. Very cool spread.

Andrew DeGraff said...

Uhm, "secret Gossip Girl fan"? Nice try.:)