Thursday, April 07, 2011

"History of the World" is open!

After many months of hard labor, late nights and softly weeping in my studio... it's alive! Drew DeGraff and I have finished all of our NEW works and giant murals that have transformed the Art Center of the Capital Region's gallery into a walk-in sketchbook/nerd-art dork nest. I would like to extend my deepest thanks to Caroline Corrigan, Matt Shropshire and the rest of the Art Center folks for the fantastic opportunity. I 'd like to thank my wife Emma, whose idea this was in the first place and for basically being a single mom for two months. I suppose I have also to thank Drew as well even though he only produced 50% of everything. All joking aside, I am very proud of Drew and I and what we acheived with the show. It was a monumentally good time to work with my oldest Frenemy on what could be the greatest thing ever.
So come to Troy and learn lots of inaccurate facts about the world around you. Bring your kids to scare and confuse them. Sit and read a book we've selected for you or even draw a cannonball. The reasons to come and see History of the World: Owen Sherwood and Andrew DeGraff are both limitless and awesomely rad. It's open now through June 3rd and don't forget about the reception... April 29th. Come eat, drink and enjoy some artwork with us. The more the merrier. I'll be getting a haircut and a new Salvation Army suit for the occasion so you know its going to be ill.


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Microcosms? Rivalries? Yes? No?

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