Friday, July 15, 2011

Crazy for Cult at Gallery 1988

I was very happy and honored to be invited to take part in a exhibition at Gallery 1988 in LA. "Crazy for Cult", now in its fifth year is a show for of works inspired but cult and offbeat films and has quite a following. If you live in LA, swing by and have a blast looking at all the awesome art. If you live somewhere else, don't fret, you too can feast your eyes. Just visit there site and peruse at you leisure. Here's mine based on the Stranger in "The Big Lebowski", still one of my favorite movies and definitely one of my favorite actors/voices, Sam Elliot. A simple pencil drawing for a simple philosophy...
And here is one of several my pal and sometimes collaborator Drew Degraff laid down based on the excellent "They Live!" Its inexplicably still for sale so snap it up sharpish! If you don't I might.

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