Thursday, October 13, 2011

Just Some Stuff...

Steve Jobs, Amy Winehouse and Sheer Khan (we'll come to him in a minute). I don't normally like to promote myself with "tribute" peices based on someones death, but in these two cases, I felt a little differently about the whole thing. The fact that I used my 10 year old G4 tower to color that image with out much trouble is reason enough to give Steve Jobs his props. Plus correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Apple came up with the now universal "power" symbol.

As for Amy Winehouse... I was never a huge fan but there was no doubt that she was very talented. Plus being that I have a little girl myself, that "Daddy's Girl" tattoo really got to me. I am but a softy after all. I'll deffinitly be making this a finished promo sample shortly.

Now Sheer Khan was just scribbled on the back of some list during a phone call but I'm really into it. I'll be bringing him around to completion in the near future... maybe a little crankier.

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Birmingham Student Broad Left said...

Awesome drawings, beautiful. Steve Jobs was undoubtedly a genius, but unfortunately was pretty morally depraved. The conditions were so bad in Apple factories in China that his workers were forced to sign 'non-suicide contracts' with the company due to the huge rate of worker suicides. Anyway, sorry to be a bummer, brilliant work again!